SOFPAC the only Choice for Industry

For industries using water, especially heated water, billions of dollars are lost because of equipment failure and loss of efficiency caused by scale build-up as shown in photo at left.

For example, many heat exchangers need to be replaced every three to five years due to performance degradation caused by scale build-up. A typical industrial water heater will lose 5-20% efficiency at the end of the first year. In five years, the efficiency level can be reduced by 70% if not treated. By eliminating scale deposits, the economic benefits are extended life service and reduced operating costs.

SOFPAC Quality Design with 5 Year Product Warranty

The electronic design is based upon the patented triangular waveform which ensures that the frequency field is operating continuously, unlike square wave generators.

The SOFPAC circuit design uses a current generator for the power output stage. Competitive units use a voltage source. The current generator ensures that the design current is delivered with field variations, the voltage output source cannot.

Quality components, state of the art design, and a computer generated microprocessor provide unequaled water conditioning and scale control.

Case Study of a Commercial Application

In a field test at a coin laundry, the heat exchanger shown represents the effectiveness of the SOFPAC Descaler. The parameters are as follows:

  1. Model 122 installed on a 2″ main water line.
  2. Nine month test period without chemicals.
  3. Over 1 million gallons of water treated by SOFPAC water conditioner.
  4. Water hardness tested at 1722 grains of harness.
  5. Coil depicted was over 20 years old, installed in a 420,000 BTU hot water heater set at a temperature of 140°F.

As shown, there are no traces of scale build-up since the installation of the Model 122 SOFPAC Water Conditioner and Electronic Descaler. The laundry continues to operate with clean coils, valves, and pumps thus enhancing customer satisfaction.


SOFPAC offers a physical process of conditioning water without environmental consequences. It does not add unwanted chemicals to the aquifer or potable water. It is therefore, healthier and environmentally correct to choose the SOFPAC water conditioner.