I am the managing partner for a 16 suite medical professional office building. Three years ago, we installed the SOFPAC electronic water conditioner and descaler on our central water system.

On average prior to the SOFPAC installation we were replacing 3 – 4 mini hot water units yearly, over the five years I have managed this building. Since the SOFPAC installation we have only replaced one unit. I believe this reduction in replacement costs to be directly attributable to the descaling unit.

David A. Amato, DO
Managing Partner, AMB Associates

I wanted to write to you and express our satisfaction with the SOFPAC descaler you installed in our home on April 1,1999. Since the installation of the SOFPAC, there have several good changes we have notices.

As you know, we moved into a home that utilizes well water. The well had not been used in quite some time and after moving in, we noticed the water had a very strong odor of sulfur and the texture of the water was very “hard.” Already in place, was a filter system from the previous tenant. The sediment filter used for this system required changing approximately every 10-12 days. After having the SOFPAC descaler installed, the sediment filter only needed to be changed about ever 3 1/2 weeks. This was a very positive change for us. We also noticed a change in the odor of the water and the way the water felt when showering. The texture of the water now seemed much”softer” and I could notice a definite changed in the way my hair and body felt after showering.

I am not sure which tests you have done on my water both before and after the installation, but I do know that you noticed a change as well, so please feel free to include the “before and after” test results when speaking of the particular system that you installed in our home. I would definitely recommend the SOFPAC system to anyone who is experiencing hardness or odor or any other unwanted elements in their water.

Again, thank you for recommending this system for us.

Brenda S. Linn

As you know, you installed the SOFPAC water-conditioner and descaler on our building water main January 5, 1998. Prior to the installation, we were softening only our boiler water with conventional water softener and chemical treatment.

Our annual boiler inspections were conducted in August on our 40HP horizontal York-Shipley and out 30HP vertical Fulton boilers. In the period of time between the SOFPAC installation and our inspections, we shut down out conventional water softener and discontinued treatment of the boiler water.

We are happy to report that:

  • We could find no evidence of scale or calcium during the inspections.
  • We no longer need to buy salt for out old, conventional water softener.
  • We have eliminated the maintenance of charging and back-flushing.
  • We haven’t had to replace a single steam trap.
  • Our shirt laundering is better or at least unchanged.

We are pleased with the performance and zero maintenance of the SOFPAC and will recommend it to others.

Bob Ford and Gene Haas
Hanna Cleaners

In December of 1997, I installed two, one inch SOFPAC electronic water descalers. One was installed in my restaurant and one in my home. Since that time, I have observed no plumbing or valve problems caused by scale build up. Additionally, our water pressure has increased in our dishwater cleaning system as well as our lavatory facilities. We have found no scale build up in our dishwasher, steam-box or our ice machine. Our coffee maker as well as our pots and pans, clean up easier since the installation of the descaler.

Prior to December of 1997, I replaced my sediment filters approximately once a month in my home. Since the installation of the descaler, I replace the filters now only once every 3 to 4 months. As a result of my favorable experience, I would heartily recommend the SOFPAC descaler.

Sam Ghattas
Colonial Park Diner

I have had my two(2) SOFPAC units installed for one year and I could not be more satisfied with the results. I had been reserving judgement until I had a boiler inspection; I have just completed that inspection with very pleasing results. The inspector found no more than a small amount of loose scale in the bottom of both boilers (15&30 horsepower Fulton) which he said was good sign. In addition my washers which are over 10 years old have been scoured clean from the action of my SOFPAC descalers. There is no longer any lint, mineral, or otherwise any build up on the inside of the wheel, nothing but clean stainless. In fact, in the first month following the installation I had a to clean the trough drain up to 2 times a day to remove all of accumulated build-up that had broken loose from the washers and poured of the drains.

The initial reason I was looking into a water treatment system was due to a problem I was having with my dry cleaning machine. I have 2 Columbia DC machines approximately 3 years old that kept shutting down because my heat transfer coils were becoming scaled up, at the time my only solution was to take the machines apart, isolate the coils and give them an overnight acid wash to remove the scale. This was time consuming, expensive and scary dealing with the acid solutions. Since installing my SOFPAC units I have not had any problem with the heat transfer soils. As you told me when I first contacted you the installation took no more than 30 minutes and was quite easy.

I have all the confidence in the world in you product and would like to invite you to come by and see the results for yourself.

Todd D. Keller
Plant Manager, Silver Spring Cleaners

Within 2 1/2 years of opening a coin laundry store in Gettysburg, PA, we started to experience steam build-up in one of two A.O. Smith Heating Systems. When the burner would stay on for an extended period of time, the same symptoms began to happen to the other boiler. Upon investigation, we found the tubing around the heat core to be closing shut due to scale build-up on the inside walls of the tubing.

Our response was to purchase an acid flow recycle pump system to clean the scale from the walls. This seemed to work, but lasted just a short period of time (approximately 5-6 weeks). We proceeded to repeat the above procedure several times, until finally contracting a water softening company to help alleviate the problem. Testing the hardness of the water, we found it to be at 21 grains.

Along with the boiler problems, we found our washer’s stainless steel tubs were not holding up to their names. They were staining terribly, to the point where they literally looked filthy.

After hooking up a softening system to the hot water line only, our boilers continued to operate sufficiently to eliminate steam build-up, but at an exorbitant cost for salt and additional water usage. We also had to continue cleaning the washer tubs to make them presentable.

In May of 1996 we installed a SOFPAC electronic water conditioner. We reduced our softener by 50% for two weeks. Since that time the electronic descaler has conditioned our water with no assistance. The SOFPAC Descaler is installed on the main water line, so it is conditioning our hot water as well as the cold.

To this day the descaler does such a fine job that my boilers perform flawlessly and all my washer tub are once again perfectly stainless. If I can be any further assistance to you, please feel free to contact me at 717-497-3638.

Bill Markel
Operating Manager, Scotland Laundry